Friday, April 20, 2012

Quick Adjust Servo Saver and jam Nut for Losi 5ive

Its darn near imposable to adjust the Losi 5ive servo saver while its in your rig. Its hidden deep down and the spring tension is heavy. Along with this on almost every rig, it will loosen up as you drive.

Team FastEddy has addressed these issues with our Quick adjust Servo Saver Nut and Jam Nut. Once installed simply use a screw driver to hold the nut and turn your wheels to tighten it down. Once its tightened up use the jam nut to hold it in place. (Included in the kit or sold separately)

Here is a photo and a video on installation and adjustment.

I will have a small amount of them available tomorrow from my website (Link To Go Here) and they will be about 2 weeks until we get our full production run to be sold at TGN, DDM, and your favorite retailers.

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